Abra Moore and fragility’s hardness, 1995

Ms. Moore was my favorite interviewee of all time. She was incredibly open and honest about herself and her music. She came across a genuinely compassionate person who seemed at, or close to, Zukavian soul alignment, if I dare make such assessments. It may have been “Hard to Be Fragile” for Ms. Moore, but after the release of her first LP, she was well on her way to quite a career. This is from the Austin Chronicle, the world’s greatest weekly pinko commie rag. I think this was 1995 or 1996. Again, things from way back then [has it been two decades already?!!] are getting a bit hazy . Direct links to the story at the publication’s site and a pdf are below.

abramoore (pdf)

Abra Moore Feature, Hard to Be Fragile, at Auschron Site

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