Tori Amos… well…uh… is an odd duck, 1994

Okay. This interview was kinda crazy, and not my best interview. Okay, you may say it was my worst and pretty much a debacle. I was a bit caught off-guard by Ms. Amos’ flights of fancy and just couldn’t keep up. She is a true genius who is pretty much in a class all her own and a world all of her own. Still, I think the final print version came out decently, if not great.

Oh yeah.

TORI AMOS HATES EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is from the Albuquerque NuCity, a weekly now known as the Alibi. As far as I know, this only exists in print. Below is a pdf or a rather rough scan. Cheers!

PDF: amos1



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